WiDS - Alexandria 2023 Highlights

WiDS Alexandria 2023 was held virtually, over Zoom, from March 13–15. The event featured a lineup of 15 accomplished speakers from MENA, Europe, and North America who generously shared their insights, advice, and groundbreaking research on a range of topics such as human-centered AI, revolutionizing the energy sector, algorithmic fairness, and more.

The ambassadors commenced with an evocative introduction, casting a luminous spotlight on the resplendent tapestry of Alexandria's storied history as a fabled sanctuary of intellect. With a reverential nod to the contributions of extraordinary women such as Hypatia, who shaped the realms of science and philosophy in bygone eras, artfully setting the stage for a celebration of women's achievements, intertwining their rich legacies with the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving realm of data science.

The event's pivotal moments included four enthralling keynotes delivered by eminent speakers Margot Gerritsen, Samhaa El-Beltagy, Rana Dajani, and Cecilia Aragon. These keynote presentations encompassed a broad spectrum of captivating themes, from discussions on inclusivity in data science to the immense power of natural language processing, the transformative force of evolution in shaping a better world, and the promise of human-centered AI.

A critical highlight of the event was the enlightening panel discussion titled "Women in DS: An Egyptian Perspective." This dynamic panel, featuring outstanding speakers Nawal El-Boghdady, Basma Rady, Aya Salama, and Nourhan Youssef, brought together remarkable voices from academia and industry. The panelists shared their personal journeys in the field of data science and machine learning, shedding light on the current state of the discipline in Egypt. The conversation delved into essential skills required for success, available training and mentorship initiatives, tackling imposter syndrome, and strategies for advocating ideas within companies of all sizes.

Overall, WiDS Alexandria 2023 was a highly informative and engaging event. Attendees were left captivated and enlightened by the passion and expertise displayed by the speakers and panelists. The event fostered meaningful connections, providing a platform for sharing ideas and forging new paths within the world of data science.

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