Brittany Fox

Focus Global Talent Solutions

Biography: Brittany Fox is the owner and co-founder of Focus Global Talent Solutions, one of the fastest-growing niche IT staffing agencies in South Florida. She is passionate about changing the way recruitment is done in tech, guaranteeing immediate results upon engagement and serving clients the best candidates they will ever encounter. As a huge believer in changing the face of technology, Brittany champions and supports women to help them get the roles they deserve. 

Talk Title: Empowering Women in Data Science: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Career Success

Online Via ZOOM | Mar 15, 2023 | 18:00  18:40 (UTC+2)

Abstract: In my talk, I'll cover key topics to help women advance their data science careers: hiring trends, job search strategies, and career advancement. 

I'll discuss the challenges women face in getting hired, offer tips on resume-building and networking, and provide insights on building skills, taking on leadership roles, and advocating for oneself. Attendees will leave with practical advice for success in this dynamic field.

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